Agroalimentaria Chico was born with the purpose of binding together,  in a single brand, all the processes related to the meat industry in general and pigmeat sector in particular: a process that  starts in the field, planting our cereals, going through the manufacture of own feed, and the  raising of our selected genetics to end up placing the best of our products available to wholesalers and individuals.

The group, after more than 60 years of work and dedication, mantains its familiar essence, adapting to the needs of the market and consolidating as a true leader in the sector.

More than 60 years of history

Agroalimentaria Chico is the result of the work of three generations committed to offering excellence in their products and services.

In 1968 the first company of the group, SAT  Hermanos Chico, was created, continuing with the exploitations of its founders, Miguel Chico and Justina Galindo, in their native village, Tejares de Fuentidueña (Segovia).

The foundation of Sat 322 Hermanos Chico means the consolidation of new productive activities: pig breeding, commercialization, and finally, production of own feed at its headquarters in Aranda de Duero.

With the family´s second generation new and important advances arrived, which will begin to define the future of the family business: the creation of the first pig-mothers’ farm in Zazuar (Burgos) in the mid-1970s; or Hermanos Chico SA in 1986, an important milestone in the group’s business trajectory, being the company in charge of managing the municipal slaughterhouse in Aranda de Duero. Just to name a few.

As the market needs to evolve, the group adapts to new demands. Thus, in 2011, with the third generation leading up, the last adventure of the Chico family, Cárnicas Chico, was born. As meat manufacturer and distributor, it works to bring our products closer to the final consumer.

Agroalimentaria Chico was founded in 2014 to globally offer its products and services to all those agents involved in the meat industry. Thus, its creation will entail a new business philosophy of total integration of the food value chain.

Group of Companies

The Group’s oldest company has a leading and modern factory, which enables to improve its production processes and produces excellent quality feed. In addition, it has 12 integrated and 3 own mother farms, and integrates 100 pig fattening farms.

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Hermanos Chico Galindo

The slaughterhouse and cutting plant allow an exhaustive control of the production process. The company satisfies the demand for products of Cárnicas Chico as well as other industries and factories all over Spain.

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Cárnicas Chico

Our first shop, located in the industrial park of Aranda de Duero, offers fresh pork, beef and dairy meat, as well as processed meats (chorizos, hams, sausages, etc.). We offer the consumer excellent quality meat from our own farms, guaranteeing the control of the entire production process.


To bring the final consumer closer to meat products of sustainable quality, integrating all the fundamental processes of the value chain; with transparency, collaboration, proximity, hard work and humility towards customers, employees, suppliers and administrations; betting on a continuous and self-financed growth and always supported by research, development and innovation to obtain quality products at competitive prices.


To become a leading and diversified family group that is a benchmark in the meat sector, both in terms of production and marketing to the end consumer, innovating in all processes to bring the field closer to the table with excellent and differentiated meat products.

Completing the value chain

ACH’s goal is to offer its products and services to all agents involved in the pork industry, through a strong and diversified family group. Each company in the group meets the needs of the different actors involved in the different meat processes.

The group’s commitment to the future has an impact on innovation in each of the branches of the different family businesses, with special attention to quality meat products directed to the final consumer. Downstream products from the best pig genetics and maximum care in all its processes.

In this way, ACH allows your product to complete the entire food value chain, fulfilling exhaustive quality standards, guaranteeing the exquisiteness of your products and offering maximum professionalism during all processes.

 Commitment with Aranda, with the ribera, with our land.

From its origin, Agroalimentaria Chico feels strongly linked to Aranda and Ribera del Duero. Thus, the company creates a real commitment to the land, its resources and the people who inhabit it.

The group’s first commitment focuses on sports as a healthy lifestyle. Agroalimentaria Chico supports several local sports teams and the lower categories of the main teams of The RiberaBalonmano Villa de Aranda and Arandina FC-. In addition, the group supports both teams at their higher categories.

ACH shows a strong commitment to rural development. The group is currently developing a programme directed to small, medium and large farmers who wish to complement their agricultural holding with the construction of farms. ACH guarantees, in this case, the viability of these projects under an integration contract, continous training for the future farmer and comprehensive advice both in the budgeting  and construction phases.


Agroalimentaria Chico

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